“Exercise: Generate and Peer-review Ideas Online: Idea Competition


  1. Students vote on Mentimeter (www.menti.com) – they choose between three questions to answer (i.e., generate ideas by answering these questions, e.g. “How to attract job offers to your LinkedIn profile?”, or “How to get rid of unwanted customers?”, or “How to piggyback on advertising spend of others?”.
  2. Each student gets a printout with a space to sketch his/her creative idea (to be finished in 10 min).
  3. Each student gets a a separate URL to describe the idea. In order to describe their idea, students are asked to finish sentences, like “My idea can be described as follows: …” and “A good label for my idea is: …” (9 sentences altogether). At the end, students are asked to self-rate their own idea`s creativity, novelty, and usefulness
    (to be finished in 20 min).
  4. Before the peer rating begins, we make sure that the words “creative, innovative, novel, original, useful, practical” are perceived correctly.
  5. Peer rating: each participant rates the ideas of his/her peers. The rating is regarding each idea`s creativity, novelty, and usefulness. For this step, the students use this URL .
  6. The online platform visualizes each idea in an idea blueprint – see example here.
  7. The online platform calculates the rating results of the ideas and publishes the results online.
  8. The results of the five winning ideas are visualized based on the disagreement in their ratings. The disagreement in the ratings of each idea is also visualized.
  9. The results of the five winning ideas are visualized on a 2 by 2 matrix (to show outliers).
  10. The five most highly rated ideas are visually compared to the five lowest rated ideas based on the idea descriptions.