The Alarming Statistics of the Negative Effects of Monoculture


Crop Diversity Loss

Approximately 75% of the world's crop diversity has been lost since the early 1900s due to monoculture farming.


Pesticide Use

In 2021, total pesticide use in agriculture has doubled since 1990.


Soil Degradation

Around one-third of the world's soils are moderately to highly degraded, with various factors contributing, including monoculture farming practices.

Impact of Monoculture Farming
on Agriculture & Society

The slider picture vividly illustrates the negative impact of monoculture, showing a once-
green landscape turning into arid brown fields. This powerful imagery underscores the loss
of biodiversity and soil degradation caused by monoculture, emphasizing the importance of
raising awareness for a more sustainable agricultural future.


Decrease In Biodiversity

Heavy chemical reliance

Soil Degradation & Fertility Loss

Impact On Pollinators

Economic Risks

Environmental Consequences

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