The substantial retreat of
Swiss Glaciers

On the picture you see Matthias Huss, Switzerland’s top glacier measurer. He is standing at an altitude of 3’000m above sea level on the biggest Swiss Glacier  – namely the Aletsch Glacier – located in the Bernese Alps. The measurements from 2022 reveal an alarming detail: the thickness of the ice at this point melted by 6 meters within that year alone, breaking all records. Such data provides stark evidence of the accelerating rate at which glaciers are melting, signaling an urgent call for environmental awareness and action. (Source: SCNAT network)

0 km²

of Swiss territory is blanketed by glaciers, but has seen a reduction of 390 km² since 1985.

23 km

is the length of the Aletsch Glacier, which is the longest of Europe.


is the number of glaciers in Switzerland, of which 176 are monitored by researchers of the GLAMOS.

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