Here you see two visualizations (bar charts) again. The first bar chart (in black) displays the index of disagreement for each survey question. The second bar chart (in color) displays the survey questions in descending order based on the “index of disagreement” ranking algorithm. You can see the spread of your opinions on the 5-point scale (from “very important” to “not important at all”). If you scroll the mouse over the bar charts, you will see how many people have given a particular answer.

The survey question which has received the most discrepant answers is placed on top. Please explain the reasons for your discrepant answers to the first survey question. Help us understand why you gave such discrepant answers to the first survey question. What might have prompted you to answer so diversely? What are the reasons for your high disagreement regarding this first issue (the one placed on top)? Please write down your explanation in the field under the image.

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